You’re obviously wondering what is up with this site and why it looks so desolate?

We served the Uniontown, PA community and surrounding areas as The Tech Room Computer Sales, Services and Web Cafe from 2005 – 2010, until moving to Vancouver Island, Canada.
However, during those years we served hundreds of individuals and businesses and had a great time doing it!

Recently we have wanted to rekindle that service and offer basic, quality and affordable website design for businesses and individuals, so we are rebuilding our site in the meantime.

We are also partnering with other great developers who live in the PA area and who are eager to serve as well.

Perhaps we will call this ‘venture’ something different, or perhaps we will remain as Uniontown Web Services, but either way, this is where you’ll learn about it!

Have a wonderful day – Feel free to contact us for questions concerning web design, etc.

J.C. Barnhart