I am a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter who also produces graphic art, illustrations and poetry…. I play guitar, drums, bass, piano and love ‘adding’ my own twist of other instruments to many of my projects. I am ‘renewing’ my online presence and much of my art, music and poetry is going to be (re)available SOON, but if you’d like more info, please get in touch! Recently I’ve been performing as a solo artist with a slew of brand new acoustic songs and lovin’ every minute of it! Oh, you want to know more? Contact me or explore my website for links to many different projects, sites and stuffs!


I was born in Allentown, PA (insert comment about the song here – lol) and my father was a pastor.
My oldest sister, Vickie Lee, Passed away at 16 yrs from a rare blood disorder called Fanconi Anemia (FA) and although it ‘skipped’ my second oldest sister, the doctors tested me at birth and I had it too. Yaay me…
Needless to say that determined a LOT of the type of childhood I had since it was very real to assume I wouldn’t live long – But here I am! Thank God!

We moved to Alberta, Canada soon thereafter and I grew up in a unique state of going to doctors a lot, learning I am NOT cowboy material, building strange things out of electronics and – of course – playing a lot of music and drawing a lot!

Fast forward over the years of martial arts, dating, losing a ton of weight, and all the other unique, bizarre and exciting things and that brings us to British Columbia, Canada! This is where I met my wife, played some GREAT music with a few bands, learned to sail, and ultimately leave (for Pennsylvania again) for a few years between 2005 and 2010; owning and operating a computer service business (The Tech Room Web Cafe, Uniontown PA), a recording studio (GoldiRock Studios), a venue, a Record Label & Entertainment biz (GoldiRock Records/Entertainment) and a cafe (all of this under one very BIG two-story roof ultimately) and finally coming back to Canada (losing both my parents and then my wife) and here I am.

I’m still short, filled with a thousand ideas and a million songs and stories….

If I filled in the gaps in this timeline you’d either tell me I’m crazy or to sell it to Hollywood – But regardless, I’m right where I am…
and waiting for something good to happen.

I’m going to re-write all this – But for now this sums it up nicely (and I’m tired).
God Bless!

Personal Info:
Nanaimo, BC