Artist Consulting

Here are the following services that you will be able to find with Jeremy Barnhart:

Consulting / Career Building
One hour consultation services in person (for any Nanaimo/area clients) or over the phone. During the hour, you may ask me questions about topics specifically geared towards your project or goals. You will receive all the necessary tools and guidance to get your career to the next level in areas such as recording, songwriting, social media, grants, branding, image, booking agents, labels, touring, showcasing, radio, publicists, endorsements and much more.

One-on-one / Hands on help includes services such as:
– Album/Single release plans
– Distribution aid
– Web presence plans and branding
– Social media ‘aid’
– A&R

I am able to assist not only artists but aspiring industry professionals including managers, songwriters, agents etc, looking to gain more knowledge about their role or future goals as well.

2019 RATES:
$65 for a one-hour consultation
$45 for ongoing consultation, services, hands-on / One-on-one

Industry Writer
I am also available for hire to help with professional mandatory items that any grant or project may require including Biographies, Budgets, Hot-Sheets, Artist Agreements and Marketing Plans.

2019 RATES:

FACTOR/Creative BC
$50 – 75 Artist Biography Writes
$250 – 350 for custom Marketing Plans
$50 – 150 for custom Budgets

I have worked with, consulted for, and aided the following artists, projects and companies/groups:
GoldiRock Records/Entertainment, The Tech Room, Etiera, Jupiter Jill, Awake in the Mourning, Randle/Parker Band & Jeffrey Randle, deerbourne, Across The Dawn, Focotheory Agency/1034 Records, Darling Waste, Gerry Barnum, CJ Gosling, Tim Genner, The Tone Prince Troll, Shauna McAllister, Red Maple Sound, Concert Chaos.

If you have questions about services,
contact me today.